Volume 10: Chapter 5 - God's Power

Volume 10: Chapter 5 - God's Power

When Lei Yun saw my ghastly appearance, he couldn’t help but frown. “Second and third brother, who is that?”

Zhan Hu turned around before instantly moving to my side  and laying an arm on my shoulder, then said smilingly, “Big brother, he’s my sworn brother.”

Just as I wanted to greet Lei Yun, I found that two cold rays were shot toward me. I was alarmed, and the magic power in my body couldn’t help but automatically release a faint gold protection barrier around me. I was shocked that the two cold rays were from an old man’s eyes, sitting on the leader’s seat of honor.

Even though that old man was sitting, his bold and powerful build was obvious. He was wearing an official robe, with a jade belt at his...

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