Volume 10: Chapter 4 - God's Emissary

Volume 10: Chapter 4 - God's Emissary

“Did they also receive God’s inheritance?”

I nodded.

Shan Yun sighed. “The task that you’re shouldering is extremely important. Work hard! When should I bring you all to meet my father?”

A voice came from behind us. “Let’s head there now. Since I’m back, I should at least meet up with that old fellow.”

I turned my head and saw that Big Brother Zhan Hu and the others had come out.

“Second brother, where’s eldest brother?” Zhan Hu asked.

“Our eldest brother is on standby on the frontline. The two of us can’t return at the same time, as someone must be at the front to keep a lookout.”

Zhan Hu nodded. “Let’s go see our father now. Zhang Gong, you and I should head there. The princess should stay for now. Second brother, Zhang Gong should have told you everything about us,...

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