Volume 10: Chapter 34 - Symphony of Chanting

Volume 10: Chapter 34 - Symphony of Chanting

Zhan Hu hollered, “I represent the War God!” Powers surged out from his back, forming an indistinctive large orchid colour image at his back. This was how Zhan Hu looked when he represented the War God.

Xiu Si yelled, “I represent the Sky God!” An enormous white phantom appeared on Xiu Si’s back. Even though the phantom wasn’t distinct, we knew that it possessed the recovery powers of the Sky God.

Xin Ao called out, “I represent the Titan God!” A yellow silhouette soared from his back.

Gao De shouted, “I represent the Lightning God!” A red silhouette appeared on his back.

Dong Ri yelled, “I represent the Wind God!” A green silhouette emerged,...

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