Volume 10: Chapter 33 - The Expected Attack

Volume 10: Chapter 33 - The Expected Attack

Mu Zi said, “Our Demon-Beast alliance doesn’t have any conditions to add.”

Ke Zha smilingly stood up. “You don’t have any conditions? But I have some.”

I raised my hand. “Please state your conditions, Your Majesty.”

Ke Zha’s expression changed. “My terms are for you, the Demon-Beast alliance, to surrender to us and offer tribute to us year after year for the years to come.  If you were to do that, I’ll sign this pact with you.”

Mu Zi rebuked fumingly, “I knew that you’ve ill intentions and didn’t have any sincerity in this.”

Ke Zha sneered. “Did you really think I’ll obediently follow, just by you few little children? How can that be?” Upon saying that, he raised his hand and shot a fireball into the...

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