Volume 10: Chapter 31 - Peace Talks? Conspiracy?

Volume 10: Chapter 31 - Peace Talks? Conspiracy?

I nodded. “Since all three kingdoms agreed in negotiating, the future matters will be easy. We’ve already notified the Demon-Beast alliance . It makes me extremely elated that Your Majesty was able to consider the bigger picture. My thanks to you for that.” I bowed deeply to Ke Za after saying that.

Ke Zha stopped me from continuing to bow towards him before replying, “Zhang Gong, it was Uncle’s fault in misunderstanding you previously. Can you forgive me for what I’ve done? I really regret it. You’re the most talented genius in the new generation of the Kingdom of Aixia. After these matters are over, I hope that you’ll return to Aixia. Principal Di and Principal...

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