Volume 10: Chapter 30 - Deployed for the Mission

Volume 10: Chapter 30 - Deployed for the Mission

I gathered everyone after returning to the Prince’s manor. Since time was pressing, I couldn’t continue to be courteous.

“Big Brother Xiu Si, can I trouble you to gather all of the brothers into the Ström Fortress as soon as possible? Since there are 500 of them, we can temporarily call them a Guardian Battalion. The 500 of them will be divided into 5 groups, known as the first five companies. It will be up to you, Big Brother Zhan Hu, Gao De, Xin Ao and Dong Ri who will lead those five companies. When you hear the signal, you’re to immediately gather at the eastern entrance.

The current situation is extremely disadvantageous towards us. I also don’t know what outcome...

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