Volume 10: Chapter 3 - Telling the Situation in Detail

Volume 10: Chapter 3 - Telling the Situation in Detail

It was obvious that Big Brother Shan Yun’s mood was extremely heavy. Those calvaries that went to battle and died were like family to him, but so many had died in that short period of time…..

After Big Brother Shan Yun left, we sat down in the room. I said, “Xiu Si and the rest should have arrived here already. Why haven’t they come?”

Zhan Hu asked, “What shall we do next?”

I sighed. “The current situation isn’t good as our coming over was too brazen. The two kingdoms, excluding Xiuda, definitely noticed our entry. If Aixia found out my identity, they definitely won’t take things lying down. What is slightly beneficial to us is that the mages are under the command of Dun Yu Xi. My relationship with Teacher Xi...

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