Volume 10: Chapter 29 - Dramatic Change

Volume 10: Chapter 29 - Dramatic Change

I realised that my undergarments were drenched after walking out from the main camp. Excessive passion could really make people uncomfortable.

Mu Zi told Ke Lun Duo, “Big Brother Si Wa, you can head back first. I want to have a stroll with Zhang Gong.”

Ke Lun Duo agreed and gave me a “wish you all your best” look before heading off. I found that Mu Zi was sulky before the meal. It should be due to Lian Na. Her angry looks were so adorable. I didn’t ask her anything and just walked leisurely by her side.

The afternoon sun was still intense. I realised that there was perspiration at the hair at Mu Zi’s temple. I gathered some magic to cast a water...

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