Volume 10: Chapter 28 - The Marshall's Daughter

Volume 10: Chapter 28 - The Marshall's Daughter

Marshall Feng Hao nudged Dun Yu Xi, who was stunned. “Brother Xi, you know him?”

Dun Yu Xi sighed. “Not only do I know him, we worked together before. His teacher in my Kingdom's Royal Intermediate Magic Academy's principal. You should have heard of the third Magister in the world, Lao Lun Di. He was the hope of my Kingdom, who is the new generation that had trained to the Magister’s realm. We originally have great expectations on him. It was a pity that after some matter, he got in a conflict with His Majesty Ke Zha. Your Dalu should have also gotten the wanted order to arrest him.”

I said coldly, “That’s right, I’m a wanted person for...

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