Volume 10: Chapter 27 - Freely Talking about the Situation

Volume 10: Chapter 27 - Freely Talking about the Situation

Morning at the three main camps.

Dun Yu Xi, who was wearing a yellow mage robe, said, “Marshall Feng Hao, that old fellow from Xiuda will be bringing the God inheritors in a bit. What’s your opinion on this matter?” Even though Dun Yu Xi knew about the Monster King, he didn’t know about my God Inheritor’s identity.

Marshall Feng Hao was tall, had a handsome appearance, and was wearing a warrior’s uniform. As he looked at the strategy’s map, he replied, “The prince must have made some preparations on this matter. To be truthful, I also support the negotiations, but I don’t know how sincere the Demon-Beast alliance is. War is really an arduous task.”

“Reporting! The prince...

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