Volume 10: Chapter 25 - Annihilating the Bandits

Volume 10: Chapter 25 - Annihilating the Bandits

Mu Zi said excitedly, “Ah! That’s amazing. Our hope has increased once again. I’ll go and tell them now.”

I nodded. “You should go tell Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest for them to be prepared.”

Mu Zi bounced away vivaciously. In this period of time, she had become increasingly lively, probably due to Xiao Rou’s influence on her.

After dinner, the prince and Shan Yun came back together from the Prince’s interim manor. Even though the Prince seemed to have lost a lot of weight, his spirit was exceptionally high and his complexion was rosy.

We had welcomed them into the lounge.

“Uncle, you’ve worked hard.”

“Haha! Zhang Gong, what does this small amount of work count for?...

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