Volume 10: Chapter 24 - Hopeful Peace Talks

Volume 10: Chapter 24 - Hopeful Peace Talks

Mu Zi grabbed onto an unknown animal’s leg. “Why should I take note of my bearings? Everyone here is Zhang Gong’s friend, so they’re my friend as well. Why should I take note then? It has already been such a long time since I’ve had my fill.”

Xiu Si said to Dong Ri. “How about we make a bet to see who will be the one that will eat the most?”

His words instantly aroused Dong Ri’s interest. Dong Ri said, in smiles, “Alright, let’s make a bet for everyone to guess who will be the last one standing.”

“My guess will definitely be Zhang Gong.”

“It might not be. I see that Princess Mu Zi has great potential.”


Finally, Xiu Si said, “How about this? I’ll be the banker. Those that...

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