Volume 10: Chapter 23 - Who is the Rice Bucket?

Volume 10: Chapter 23 - Who is the Rice Bucket?

I said awkwardly, “Can you get out first? I’m getting up now.”

Mu Zi stared wordlessly at me with hidden bitterness, giving me a fright. I tested the water by asking, “Can you go out first? I’ll immediately get up.”

Mu Zi pouted. “I want to service you in helping you get dressed. How about that?”

After her words fell, I quick wittedly jumped out of bed. After looking at my body, I felt much relaxed as I was still wearing my underwear. Otherwise, it would be too embarrassing.

Mu Zi, who had saw my looks, smiled and said gently, “Zhang Gong, behave and allow me to help you with your clothes.” After she said that, she brought my clothes from the side and walked...

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