Volume 10: Chapter 21 - The Magic Beasts Retreat

Volume 10: Chapter 21 - The Magic Beasts Retreat

I smiled and looked face to face with Xiu Si. “Big brother, you just have to wait for an amazing battle to occur. Xin Ao won’t lose. Even though Beamon is powerful, his mind isn’t.”

Even though Beamon was at a disadvantage, it had aroused his aggressiveness. After seeing two teeth from the wolf tooth club smashed from the impact, he let out a loud roar before once again charging towards Xin Ao. Xin Ao coldly snorted before wielding his Titan God’s hammer again. Successive loud  ‘Hong!’ sounds rang in everyone’s ears; the two people battling were fighting head on against each other. We, the spectators, were secretly speechless while we saw their frantic power-driven, straightforward battle.

A cool breeze...

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