Volume 10: Chapter 20 - The Beamon's War

Volume 10: Chapter 20 - The Beamon's War

Traces of animosity could be seen from the Beamon King’s eyes before he said politely, “So it’s the Royal princess. I give you my greetings. His Royal Highness Demon Emperor is someone that I admire the most. It has been sometime since I saw that old man.”

Mu Zi half raised from her chair before she replied, “You don’t have to be so courteous. Father told me that the most powerful expert in this continent in regards to power is you and that he was far inferior when compared with you.”

Beast men mind set were rather simple with this praises from Mu Zi, he broke into laughters. “Princess, you’ve overexaggerated. What’s your purpose for coming to the front lines?”

Xiu Yu said, “Sigh….It’s like this, do you still remember the legends from a few thousand...

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