Volume 10: Chapter 2 - Cruel War

Volume 10: Chapter 2 - Cruel War

The Earth Dragon army team that Big Brother Shan Yun led was invincible. In just a short moment, they had cleared a space in front of the Ström Fortress. When the defenders of the Ström Fortress saw that the situation was advantageous, they immediately sent out all of their forces; the main forces, heavy and light cavalries, all charged frantically towards the allied Demon and Beast races troops.

Mu Zi supported me as we slowly descended to the ground. When Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest saw that we landed safely, they gathered around us.

I frowned as I watched meat and blood splattered everywhere in the war field. “I didn’t expect that our cross over to the Ström Fortress had led to a war between the races. We originally came back for negotiation, but we’ve become the fuse for the start of...

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