Volume 10: Chapter 17 - Monster King's Ressurection

Volume 10: Chapter 17 - Monster King's Ressurection

Xiu Yu was fearful of him as Satan’s demon power was usually similar to his. However, he currently felt that he was a small boat in a vast body of water, while Satan was on a wild, untamed ocean. With his voice trembling, he asked, “Brother, what’s wrong with you? It can’t be that you’re possessed, right?”

Satan was shocked and realised that he had been a little too impetuous. He then withdrew the majority of the aura that was being emitted from his body before replying gently, “Brother, what are you saying? Where’s the military seal? Didn’t I pass it to you when I left? I think you should return it back to me. Even if we don’t betray the Demon Emperor, I should be the commander here.”

Xiu Yu replied, “Brother, His Majesty had already...

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