Volume 10: Chapter 15 - Prince Xiu Yu

Volume 10: Chapter 15 - Prince Xiu Yu

“What are you doing here? Is this a place that you’re authorized entry?”

“Sorry, my Lord. It’s just that Lord Ke Lun Duo has returned, so I’ve specifically come  to report.”

Ke Lun Duo walked out from the crowd and said with his head raised, “Go and report to His Highness Xiu Yu of my return. I have matters to discuss with him.”

When the red uniformed warrior saw Ke Lun Duo, his previous unbridled attitude was suppressed. After he respectfully agreed, he turned back to head inside the camp.

Ke Lun Duo looked at the soldier in charge of the entrance to the stronghold, “You’re diligent in your work. You can head back first. If there’s a chance, I’ll find you a better position.”

That soldier thanked...

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