Volume 10: Chapter 14 - Demon Race's Main Camp

Volume 10: Chapter 14 - Demon Race's Main Camp

Ke Lun Duo rubbed his eyes . “What matter do you need to discuss now? I didn’t sleep last night. If you don’t let me sleep for the next 10 hours, I’ll definitely have a black eye. If I head back and Ah Shui doesn't want me, I’ll blame it on you and steal Mu Zi from you. Hmph!”

I regathered another small water bullet and threatened him. “You dare? Do you want to test this little thing out? Quickly get up! I really have some important matters that I need to discuss with you.”

Looking at the water bullet in my hand, Ke Lun Duo quickly sat up, with his hands covering his face, he replied, “I’m up! Can I not get up? What’s the matter? Say it.”

I withdrew the water bullet in satisfaction. “It’s like this…….” I repeated...

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