Volume 10: Chapter 13 - The Prince Returns Home

Volume 10: Chapter 13 - The Prince Returns Home

The four warriors surrounded me before simultaneously bowing. The leader of the warriors said, “Thank you for saving our Miss. Please accept this bow from us brothers.”

I gently waved Sukrad’s staff, that was covered with some cloth, as I replied smiling, “Friends, no need to be so courteous.” A faint light was emitted from the cloth that forcefully lifted them from their bowed position. The leader asked in awe, “May I ask which division in the Kingdom of Aixia you’re in? With your magic, you should be a Magister.”

Without waiting for a reply, the girl said, “I’m Ling Ling Xin. Who are you and can you let me see your face?”

I shook my head. “That won’t...

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