Volume 10: Chapter 12 - The Hero Saves the Beauty

Volume 10: Chapter 12 - The Hero Saves the Beauty

I said smiling, “So you have a conspiracy. I’ll give my blessings to the both of you. If it really can’t work out, you can elope with Ah Shui as well. I’ll definitely take good care of you two at the human’s continent. How’s that?”

Ke Lun Duo’s eyes lit up. “There’s really an enormous obstruction for Ah Shui to be with me. Your suggestion isn’t bad. When I bring Ah Shui to live with you all, it really won’t be bad as the life in your human’s continent is more comfortable than in the Demon race. Ha!.....I’m really sleepy, so I’m going to sleep. I feel much more relaxed after telling you this, so I definitely will have a good rest tonight.” After hearing his story, I felt that much closer to  Ke Lun Duo...

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