Volume 10: Chapter 11 - Ke Lun Duo's Love

Volume 10: Chapter 11 - Ke Lun Duo's Love

I couldn’t stop the curiosity and asked, “Since you didn’t like Mu Zi, why would you accept the Demon Emperor’s arranged marriage?”   

Ke Lun Duo looked at me as though I was an idiot. “Aren’t you normally quick-witted? Whenever something involves Mu Zi, you become very simple minded. I can’t go against the king’s order. I agreed for power. Moreover, my father had placed a lot of pressure on me. Do you know who I love? It’s one of the servant girls from my manor. You’re the first person that I have disclosed this secret to. Don’t you ever tell anyone else. Actually, I really hope that you and Mu Zi can get together so that I’ll have a legitimate...

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