Volume 10: Chapter 1 - Arriving at the Stronghold

Volume 10: Chapter 1 - Arriving at the Stronghold

The one that worked the hardest amongst the group was Ke Lun Duo as he had to control his flight and constantly cast dark screens, while Mu Zi was also casting the dark screen. She did it in the easiest way possible as she placed one arm around my waist and constantly casting dark magic with the other.

As we arrived above the alliance army and looking at the densely packed ranks, everyone became tense as the cost of being discovered was to be surrounded and attacked. We moved rapidly and had crossed more than half the distance to our destination in a blink of an eye. Right at that moment, Ke Lun Duo softly exclaimed, “This isn’t good. We’ve been discovered. Everyone, be wary of what is coming from below.”

A few dark magic bullets...

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