Big Life

Big Life

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J. Andie
The bleak life of an unknown writer, who had no money nor popularity, was marred by despair; but his life was eventually turned around by an unbelievable miracle!
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303 Chapters
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Original work copyright ©JIHO/KWBOOKS

Translator: Andie

Editor: Veela

Korean Original Status: Completed @ 303 chapters

Release rate: 7 chapters a week

Launch Date: 7th September 2023

13 Reviews
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9 months ago
reading status: read untill chapter 20.

Since there is no review yet, i will make 1 in case ppl dont know if this novel is good or not n the why.

The novel is good. from 1-10 the novel is probably around 7. The story idea is interesting (atleast to me). the novel is about a life of a no name writer. its a new genre for WW readers for sure. The story (untill chapter 20) is pretty light n thats what i love about this novel. Reading this novel is like..... Hmm.... How should i say it??? imagine drinking yougurt or yakult after eating some delicious (BUT) oily food??


1) Is it good? yes

2) will i bookmark it? Yes

3) daily read? hmmm Dont know, probably....(?) since this is a new genre n only 20 chapters in i dont really know if i will read this as a dailly read/ a weekly read/ when i have the time read. So i hope the author doesnt disapoint me

9 months ago
After reading 22 chapters :

The quality of the translation is very good, as expected from wuxiaworld. The story itself is very fascinating, since it gives us a peek into the writing situation in south korea (i assumed the author has done the needed research, and are giving us real life profit sharing scenario etc). It is pretty nice that the story is quite modern, since it also covered ebooks. So far, only 2 items are used, while the other items are still a mystery.

For those who read the great storyteller (tgs), which is quite similar to this, i prefer this one, since it is not as dark as tgs.

PS : i read and liked “became a star” and “life, once again”. If you read and liked the same 2 book, you may want to check this novel.

9 months ago
Read up to chapter 80-90 (When previous translator quit) 7.5/10

Been waiting a long time for this novel to be fully translated. It's by no means an exceptionally complex or unique novel but it's very satisfying and the main character is the type that is very easy to empathies and sympathize with.

It's a classic story of a struggling protagonist who comes upon a lucky encounter which then proceeds to help him improve his life but instead of set in a martial world it's the life of a normal everyday writer.

It's not the deepest novel so I'd recommend maybe not daily reading but instead stockpiling.

Translator's Notice

Andie Reporting to Big Life!

9 months ago

Goodbye my man, Jae-Gun!

a month ago

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