Become a Star

Become a Star

151 Reviews
What if you woke up one morning and remembered all 999 of your past lives? 
Chae Woojin, an actor who will shine brighter than the stars. A story about his journey towards his dreams!
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151 Reviews
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3 years ago
I have read the first 5 chapters. I can honestly say it has a good start. The idea of the novel itself will give provide alot of plot armors for the MC. We all know that for actors they mostly put themselves in the mindset of their characters and having lived multiple lives will make the MC a great actor.

Thats probably the most i can say about it.

I have read similar novels like Perfect Superstar. And i like how detailed this novel is so far. I am hoping that the novels keeps up with its current quality. ..

3 years ago
7 chapters read so far. I have to say that this novel has a very promising start, I think it is interesting to see how he would climb the ranks in the entertainment industry.

Though this 7 chapters are very attractive and well-written but I am worried that the novel will be too focused on acting element, Yes I know that this novel is called 'Become a Star' but I expect to see more of the 'slice of life' viewpoint of MC, not just only acting perspective but also things he do normally.

Well this is just the beginning so we will see how the author will balance acting/daily life elements. As of now, so far so good! I recommend this novel.

3 years ago
I read until chapter 9, which is the latest chapter at the moment. I believe that this novel is very promising. The unique aspect of 999 previous lives and the fact that his love of art was consistent throughout all these lives is fascinating, even when the personalities were entirely different. I can already see the talents and efforts collected and unable to be fully expressed throughout these lives finally being utilized to their full potential.

I look forward to future chapters and hope that some of you check this out. It is a story in a modern setting, and I don't believe action will be a factor in this novel. Instead, it seems that it will be mainly about utilizing art to become a star, whether it be singing, acting, drawing, painting, playing music, etc.

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The End of a Star

2 years ago

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