Chapter 999: A Murder Arising From A White Fox

Chapter 999: A Murder Arising From A White Fox

The tense atmosphere was broken following the savage cry. The struggle within the eyes of quite a number of people was replaced by a dense greed at this moment. The Heaven Mountain Blood Pool possessed an enormous allure to them. However, if they did not have the Psychic White Fox to lead the way, it was impossible for them to break out of the maze. Hence… although they clearly knew that Xiao Yan was strong, they could only go all out and risk it because of the allure of the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool!


The greed in everyone’s eyes had just appeared when deep, muffled sound suddenly appeared. Immediately, everyone was stunned to see the human figure that was the first to charge forward flew back like a kite whose string had been cut. Finally, the figure violently collided with an enormous tree. The powerful force caused the enormous tree to form a couple of fist-sized cracks. The towering tree also began to wobble.


The human figure that landed on the ground immediately spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. His expression had instantaneously turned pale. His gaze contained a little...

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