Battle Through the Heavens

Battle Through the Heavens

127 Reviews
Li Hu, also known as '天蚕土豆', 'Heavenly Silkworm Potato'
In a land where no magic is present. A land where the strong make the rules and weak have to obey. A land filled with alluring treasures and beauty, yet also filled with unforeseen danger.  Three years ago, Xiao Yan, who had shown talents none had seen in decades, suddenly lost everything.  His powers, his reputation, and his promise to his mother. What sorcery has caused him to lose all of his powers? And why has his fiancee suddenly shown up?
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127 Reviews
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4 years ago
BTTH is just okay.

Story: It's pretty standard, powerful master in cultivation item adventure ensues. 3/5

Writing: The writing can get really repetitive in the later chapters and the peanut gallery is very present. 2/5

Characters: Some of the characters are pretty well written. The MC is good but nothing special and some of the side characters are a lot of fun (some small dragon girl and snake girl -_^). 4/5

Fighting: While the fighting can be intense it doesn't change much towards the end. Magic here and there, no complex sword daos or intricate martial arts, just magical abilities. 3/5

Overall BTTH is the middle of the road wuxia/xuanhuan novel. It's a decent read if you're waiting on other books or just in-between books. Nothing about it is revolutionary or mind-blowing, in-fact the ending is in my opinion pretty ugh.

That being said I enjoyed the story and characters and would recommend it, especially the manhua.

4 years ago
Honest review for Battle through the heavens

(It will have minor spoilers about the second half of the story, I’ll mention the part below so you can choose not to read it)

(And Yes I’ve edited my review cuz I realized that some points I wrote were not discussed/expressed properly. So I’ve clarified em)

I started reading the manhua first. The story is very interesting from the start. The MC suffers hardships and various struggles to power up.

The first 700 chapters are awesome. You get a kind of happiness vibe while reading this. The setting and Plot of this novel is very good.

This novel has a minute amount of comedy and some romance.

As you keep on reading till 1000 chapters, the battles get kind of interesting and somewhat intense and you’ll be like I wanna know whats gonna happen next.


Do I recommend you to read this Novel?


But I think it will he better idea to Wait for the MANHUA to finish and binge read it.

Why am I saying this?

Because the repetitiveness of this novel starts from around 1100 chapter.

The story is very good. It is intriguing and you’ll find yourself more excited to find out the plot reading the story.

(Without spoiler part)

From chapter 950 onwards, you’ll be rushing through the chapters a lot and skipping manu battles and be only interested in the story.

Why? Well then please read the minor spoiler part

(MINOR SPOILERS ahead part)

From around chapter 950,

Every battle ( almost 90% of Xiao Yan’s battles ) with his enemies is always watched by some OP guy hiding in the shadows. When Xiao Yan is about to deliver the killing blow, that OP guy intervenes and they escape. This starts to happen 90% of the time from chapter 1100 onwards. From this point on, me and many readers just started to Skip read ( or sight read..... idk what exactly that term is)

Basically, many people including me just open up a new chapter, find out that Xiao Yan is battling and enemy, so we just skip to the end of the battle part and viola, some Op guy intervened and hence Xiao Yan was unable to kill his enemy.

That same enemy again many chapter later comes to create troubles for him. That time MC is barely able to kill him and then he’s about to kill the other guy OP guy who intervened before but then again Some MORE OP GUY intervenes and they run away. You’ll find yourself just rushing through the chapters cuz the battles kinda get boring

Also, the logic of the novel also starts to deteriorate. They say that for example when MC reaches a particular level at his young age, the number of that people of that level can be counted on one’s finger. But some chapters later, we find out that MC is battling dozens of those people at his level and there are several more who are more powerful than him.( there are a lot of plot holes like this)

Another plot hole is that MC obtains many unique (only 1 is left) artefacts which lead to a treasure. 100 chapters later when MC goes to that location which no one else is supposed to know, there are MCs enemies in swarms who already started searching for the treasure months ago

Whatever I wrote just now, the whole story is Rinse and Repeat from that point onwards. You’ll be very surprised if you find out that the MC killed some guy.

Many people just kept reading to just find out how the plot advances . Also many people started putting a short summary of that chapter in the comments like Xiao yan battled an enemy, he almost defeated him but some guy intervened, we got introduced to new powers , MC powered up ,etc . And there it is . No need to waste any time reading the meticulously written details of the chapter written by the author ( and well damn he describes everything in too much detail....... but then whats the point of doing that as we all know how the plot/ battle is going to progress.)

Everyone was just fed up at this point.

I mean no offence to the translators and editors. I thank you all for your hard work and giving us this novel to read for free.

If you wanna read this do give it a try. It’s a good novel in regards to the plot.

4 years ago
BTTH is a great novel for veterans and beginner wuxiaworld readers alike. Great story though it does get a little boring near the end. Has a good pacing of when the MC gets power ups and the romance is above average imo. Side characters aren't just thrown aside and have reliance in later chapters unlike other novels. Has pill concocting which really adds a lot to the story with the MC slowly but surely increasing his power. 100 word count really sucks forcing me to wright random stuff so fill this quote of words i think 50 to 75 words would be better. Anyways would recommend!

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