Chapter 997: Wang Chen

Chapter 997: Wang Chen

Xiao Yan smiled slightly as he looked at the pretty face, filled with disbelief. His voice had become much gentler as he softly asked, “Are you alright?”

Those matters back then had completely vanished the moment the Misty Cloud Sect had disband. Xiao Yan was not a narrow-minded person. He had gradually forgotten those matters. When he recalled them now, he could only describe them as the frivolousness of youth.

Nalan Yanran was also a little startled at the gentle manner in which Xiao Yan spoke. She had seldom seen Xiao Yan speak to her in such a calm manner. After all, she was aware of just what kind of trouble and harm that the events back then had brought to this prideful man.

“I’m fine… thank you.”

Nalan Yanran’s pretty eyes flickered slightly while she shook her head and softly replied.

“It seems that this friend really want to act like a hero rescuing a beauty.” The expressions of the three yellow-clothed men sank when they saw Xiao Yan ignore them right from the beginning. The one who called himself Huang Tian earlier confronted him with a gloomy voice.

“Get lost.”

Xiao Yan did not shift his eyes even a little as he softly spoke. After which, he slowly...

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