Chapter 996: Meeting Nalan Yanran Again

Chapter 996: Meeting Nalan Yanran Again

Over a dozen Moonlight Stones were inserted into the surrounding tree trunks of an empty area within the forest. The light that they emitted caused this area to appear quite bright. The dense fog had also been scattered by the big battle that had occurred earlier. Hence, it had resulted in this place becoming much more visible.

There were five figures in the empty ground. Four were male and one was female. Their strengths were all quite great. Clearly, they were not weaklings. Moreover, this kind of aura was not something that an ordinary person could emit. The five auras were similarly strong.

One of the four men was wearing deep-yellow clothing. Additionally, there was a knife scar on his face. He was currently sitting on a tree branch, leaning against the tree trunk. His gaze lazily swept over the place below as he faintly said, “Hurry up…”

The other three men on the ground hurriedly nodded their heads upon hearing this person speak. The three of them were wearing yellow-colored robes and wore a similar badge on their chests. It seemed that they belonged to the same faction.

“Hand over the Psychic White Fox. It is not as though we have...

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