Chapter 995: Old Acquaintance

Chapter 995: Old Acquaintance

Xiao Yan ceased hiding after seeing that he had been discovered. He revealed himself, swept his gaze over the black-clothed man, and said, “I am only passing by. There is no need to be anxious.”

The eyes of the black-clothed man coldly studied Xiao Yan. The other party’s age seemed to be a little younger than him. However, based on his sharp senses honed from having fought with others for many years, the man could vaguely sense a slight dangerous feeling from Xiao Yan. His heart was slightly startled. Although he clearly knew that those who could arrive at this place at such a time definitely had some skills, there were not many who could cause him to feel a little danger.

“I am Tang Ying from the Ten Thousand Sword Pavilion. You seem a little unfamiliar. May I know which faction do you belong to or which clan do you come from?” The black-clothed young man cupped his hands to Xiao Yan as he inquired. He had heard about a little of the experts from the younger generation within the Central Plains. However, this was indeed the first time whom he had seen the person in front of him. Therefore, he had asked in a more detailed fashion. It...

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