Chapter 994: Black Clothed Man

Chapter 994: Black Clothed Man

“Xiao Yan? He is the Xiao Yan who killed Chen Yun?”

Numerous stunned gazes were looking at the young man a short distance away within a forest that was permeated by fog. The name Xiao Yan had been spread wildly during this period of time. It was rare that someone from the younger generation could force an expert like Fei Tian to personally act. Moreover, the thing that was even more shocking was that this person was able to escape from Fei Tian’s hands. This really stunned many people. There was hardly anyone within the northern region of the Central Plains who did not know just how terrifying that old demon Fei Tian was.

Xiao Yan eyebrows merely knit together in the face of the many gazes that contained various emotions from around him. His arm shook and the colorful satin in his hand was shot back before it was withdrawn into the sleeves of the colorfully dressed lady.

“You can walk your own path and I will take my own route. If you don’t disturb me, I will also not attack you…” Xiao Yan stared at the colorfully dressed lady as he slowly spoke. He could sense that the strength of this lady was quite great. Moreover, had been picked as the most probable candidate for the position...

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