Chapter 991: Arriving at the Heaven Eye Mountain Range

Chapter 991: Arriving at the Heaven Eye Mountain Range

Near the lush greenery at the end of the mountain range, a skinny figure slowly walked out of the dim forest. Following the appearance of this figure, a foul, bloody taste was slowly emitted. The Magical Beast that sniffed this blood stench within a radius of five kilometer hurriedly withdrew, appearing as though they had suffered a shock.

Walking through this mountain range had consumed nearly twenty days of Xiao Yan’s time. He had also camped in the wild for twenty days. Although it was quite tough, the vast forest was indeed a good place to hone a person. Currently, Xiao Yan’s appearance was somewhat miserable with the blood of various Magical Beasts messily scattered over his clothes and his hair. He looked just like a barbarian. The earlier dangerous feeling about him had basically disappeared at this moment. However, when his dark-black eyes were raised, a sensitive person would be able to sense that the feeling of danger did not actually disappear. Instead, it was hidden within Xiao Yan’s bones…

The appearance of a person who looked inconspicuous on the surface but emitted a dangerous feeling from their bones was truly dangerous because they attempt a fatal blow when someone least expected it.

Xiao Yan stood on the edge of the mountain range and looked at the large path under the mountain peak. Upon seeing the noisy crowd of people coming and going on the road, Xiao Yan involuntarily felt absentminded. Training was indeed a lonely and dull thing. If one wanted to become an expert that other people respected in their eyes, the hard work one would have to put in and loneliness one would have to endure was something that an ordinary person had difficulty imagining.

This logic was something that Xiao Yan understood ever since he left Wu Tan City back then. Now, his understanding of this logic was much deeper than before because he had experienced such a feeling during his years of training.

Xiao Yan exhaled a deep breath. His finger rubbed the spot between his brows. Due to his training during this period becoming like a habit, the avatar within his Spiritual Sea was constantly receiving the refinement of the Fallen Heart Flame. Although this was a large burden on Xiao Yan, it was fortunate that he was an alchemist, skilled in how to reduce tiredness. Hence, he was able to get used to this exhaustion.

“The energy tide of the Heaven Eye Mountain Range should be about to begin. However, it is fortunate that this place is not far from that location. With my speed, I should be able to reach it within half a day…” Xiao Yan took out a map from his Storage Ring and studied it carefully. After which, his gaze looked to the northern sky as he muttered to himself. His back shook and a pair of jade-green fire wings slowly extended out.

Xiao Yan had become a lot more careful after learning that his bone wings belonged to that so-called Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. The strength of the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe was definitely stronger than the Wind Lightning Pavilion. He did not wish to invite such trouble at this moment. Hence, he would only use the bone wings at critical times. Although his speed would be greatly reduced as a result, he could only endure it to protect this little life of his. After all, who would have know back then that that damn Magical Beast corpse would invite so much trouble…

Xiao Yan’s toes pressed on the ground after the fire wings were spread. He immediately rose, and with a ‘swoosh’ sound, he transformed into a jade-green fire figure that rushed toward the northern sky…


The Heaven Eye Mountain Range was quite well-known in the entire northern region of the Central Plains. The most important reason was because of the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool that appeared once every three years. The miraculous effect possessed a great allure to most people. This was definitely why a majority of the people were here. Most of them were of the younger generation because of the miraculous effect of transforming one’s bones and aiding in one’s breakthrough, which the blood pool possessed, had an even greater effect on the younger generation.

Of course, in order to groom some outstanding young people from within one’s faction, some of the large factions paid attention to the Mountain Blood Pool. There was an extremely great gap between the Dou Huang and Dou Zong class. In the Central Plains, an expert Dou Huang could indeed be called a strong person. However, only by becoming an elite Dou Zong would one truly receive the treatment of being a strong person.

If Dou Huangs were considered the core strength of a clan, a Dou Zong was considered their top strength. As long as a clan possessed an elite Dou Zong, its reputation and influence would naturally far exceed another clan in possession of ten Dou Huangs without a single Dou Zong. This was the influence of a Dou Zong!

From this, one could tell just how big the gap between a Dou Huang and a Dou Zong was.

Of course, if a clan possessed a Dou Zun, this clan would definitely become one with great authority even if this Dou Zun never bothered about the matters within the clan. Even a large faction like the Wind Lightning Pavilion must treat that clan with great courtesy.

The Dou Zun class were considered the truly top experts even in the Central Plains region.

Within the Jia Ma Empire or the Black-Corner Region, one could be considered part of a top tier faction as long as one possessed a Dou Huang or a Dou Zong. However, such a top tier faction could barely be considered to have entered the second tier within the Central Plains. This was the gap between them…

As for Dou Sheng…

A faction which possessed an expert that existed in the legends was already considered an extraordinary existence. The fights between ordinary factions appeared like child’s play in their eyes… in the eyes of an elite Dou Sheng, such a fight would instantly collapse with the wave of a hand…

Of course, that level was really too far from Xiao Yan and the others. Currently, Xiao Yan’s only thought was to allow himself to breakthrough the Dou Huang class and advance into the Dou Zong class. Only by advancing to the Dou Zong class would Xiao Yan have the qualifications to meet Xun Er. That mysterious Gu clan behind her was not placed within the so-called One Hall, One Tower, Two Sects, Three Valleys, Four Pavilions. However, Xiao Yan was certain that the Gu clan definitely possessed a strength that was not weaker than Pill Tower or the ‘Hall of Souls.’ If he wanted to successfully take Xun Er away from this clan, he must take out a strength that caused them to be unable to refute him. The first precondition of this was for him to advance to the Dou Zong class!

Although Xiao Yan was currently a nine star Dou Huang and his strength had improved from the twenty days of tough training in the forest, there was still quite a big gap to break away from the Dou Huang class. A nine star Dou Huang might only have a one star gap with a Dou Zong, but this one star was enough to cause a countless number of outstanding individuals to stop at this level forever, all the way until they die…

That’s why he miraculous effects of the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool, aiding one’s breakthrough, were endlessly magnified. It caused many young experts within the northern region of the Central Plains along with factions like the Wind Lightning Pavilion to swarm over to this Heaven Eye Mountain Range without fearing death. All that they were after was one of the ten names…

Logically speaking, such a precious Heaven Mountain Blood Pool ought to have attracted numerous powerful factions to possess it. However, not a single faction had successfully managed to occupy it even until this day. Even a faction like the Wind Lightning Pavilion did not have the ability to do so despite possessing such thoughts. After all, this Heaven Mountain Blood Pool had too great of an implication. One would be common energy if one were to occupy it by oneself. Moreover, the Wind Lightning Pavilion was not without enemies. The four pavilions did not see eye to eye with one another. All of them wished to suppress the others. Naturally, it was impossible for them to simply watch the pool being solely occupied by one party. Hence, the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool remained ownerless due to it affecting many factions.

Of course, if one were to really talk about an owner, the native Magical Beasts in the Heaven Eye Mountain Range could barely be considered owners. Unfortunately, the humans would not give up because of this. The allure of the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool was enough to cause the humans to pounce forward without fearing death…


Xiao Yan continued to travel without resting for five hours before an enormous mountain range, covered by a dense fog, slowly appeared within his eyesight.

The Heaven Eye Mountain Range was the largest and tallest mountain range that Xiao Yan had ever seen. Even the Magical Beast Mountain Range within the Jia Ma Empire could not compare with it. Dense fog covered most of the mountain range, causing one to have difficulty seeing just what was present there. Moreover, the fog seemed to contain an extremely mighty energy. Even Xiao Yan involuntarily felt his heart become worried under this large amount of energy. No wonder no one dared to fly in from the sky. The route in the sky was one with a dead end.

Xiao Yan stood high above in the air and looked down at the entry points of the mountain range below. His head involuntarily turned a little numb when he saw the dense dark-black sea of people below. Although Xiao Yan knew that the allure of this Heaven Mountain Blood Pool was definitely quite great, he still felt shocked upon seeing such a great sea of people. The level of difficulty in obtaining the miserable ten spots from these people was really extraordinary…

Xiao Yan bitterly laughed. He chose a deserted place before landing. After which, he leaped down the mountain peak and appeared on a treetop in the Heaven Eye Mountain Range within a couple of flashes. His gaze swept around and discovered that quite a number of people were sitting cross-legged in the treetops around him.

The Heaven Eye Mountain Range was covered by a cloud all year long. Moreover, there were many powerful Magical Beast within it. Hence, there were only three safe entry points. The location where Xiao Yan was at was one of them. However, that entrance was occupied by a sea of people.

Xiao Yan was sighing in the face of this vast scene when the clear, loud cry of a crane suddenly resounded from the distant sky. Immediately, it attracted all the gazes around it.

Xiao Yan’s eyes also looked over. He could see a multicolored enormous crane flapping its wings as it swiftly flew toward the Heaven Eye Mountain Range. Sunlight landed on the multicolored feathers, reflecting a brilliant luster that was unusually gorgeous.

“The Seven Colored Soul Crane? Isn’t this the ride of the Miss Feng from the Wind Lightning Pavilion?”

Numerous startled voices immediately sounded when everyone saw the massive colorful crane.

Xiao Yan was startled upon hearing this. He frowned immediately. It was the Wind Lightning Pavilion again…

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