Chapter 988: Rank 7 Gray Wolf King

Chapter 988: Rank 7 Gray Wolf King

A small silver stream flowed down from the top of a mountain within a quiet forest thriving in the lush green mountain range. The silent atmosphere caused the area around the small stream to be filled with a peaceful atmosphere.


However, this silence did not last for long before an enormous black figure shot out of the forest. It landed on the ground, but continued to rub across it, forming a long scar on the rock surface around the small stream. Only then did it come to a slow stop. The large savage Magical Beast, filled with a fierce aura, struggled a couple of times before completely losing its life force. There was a charred black scar on its abdomen.

The sudden activity caused some of the Magical beast around the small stream to hurriedly withdraw in shock. This was especially the case after they saw the Magical Beast that had collapsed on the ground. Their intelligence mad them involuntarily withdraw at an even faster rate. Whether it was a human or a Magical Beast, the one who could defeat the Great Land Demon Bear, which was the strongest within a hundred kilometer radius was definitely an extremely...

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