Chapter 988: Rank 7 Gray Wolf King

Chapter 988: Rank 7 Gray Wolf King

A small silver stream flowed down from the top of a mountain within a quiet forest thriving in the lush green mountain range. The silent atmosphere caused the area around the small stream to be filled with a peaceful atmosphere.


However, this silence did not last for long before an enormous black figure shot out of the forest. It landed on the ground, but continued to rub across it, forming a long scar on the rock surface around the small stream. Only then did it come to a slow stop. The large savage Magical Beast, filled with a fierce aura, struggled a couple of times before completely losing its life force. There was a charred black scar on its abdomen.

The sudden activity caused some of the Magical beast around the small stream to hurriedly withdraw in shock. This was especially the case after they saw the Magical Beast that had collapsed on the ground. Their intelligence mad them involuntarily withdraw at an even faster rate. Whether it was a human or a Magical Beast, the one who could defeat the Great Land Demon Bear, which was the strongest within a hundred kilometer radius was definitely an extremely strong expert.

The faint sound of footsteps was transmitted through the forest after these Magical Beasts ran away in fear. A moment later, a skinny human figure slowly appeared.

The human figure paused outside of the forest, raised his head and looked at the glaring sun in the sky. He immediately lowered his head, glanced at the big fellow not far away, shook his head, and muttered, “Isn’t it fine if you just guard your own territory? Yet, you wish to help that foolish wolf act as a scout.”

The sun landed on that familiar young man’s face, causing the young man to appear even more lively. This person was naturally Xiao Yan, who had chosen to cross this mountain range on foot.

Xiao Yan had already walked for ten days through this mountain range. During these ten days, there were quite a number of foolish Magical Beasts who had died by his hands. The pouring of the fresh blood of many Magical Beasts had vaguely caused Xiao Yan to emit a bloody fierce aura. His hands had also become sharper than they had been in the past. At a glance, he seemed to possess the dangerous feeling of a wild beast.

The vast mountain forest seemed to be a very good training location.

There were quite a number of powerful Magical Beasts within this mountain range. Not only were there high rank Magical Beasts comparable to an expert Dou Huang but Xiao Yan had even fought with a rank 7 Magical Beast, equivalent to an elite Dou Zong, by chance because he had found a rare medicinal ingredient. The Great Land Demon Bear had a strength equivalent to an ordinary Dou Huang. The one Xiao Yan had killed earlier was a scout of the Gray Wolf King, who was known as the overlord of this Mountain Range.

If one were to measure the strength of the Gray Wolf King with the human guage, he should be around the level of a two star Dou Zong. After including the great agilities and instincts of a wild beast, the Gray Wolf King would be comparable with a three star elite Dou Zong. In the past, Xiao Yan would have difficulty fighting an opponent of this level alone. However, with his current nine star Dou Huang strength and the great effect of the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change, even that Gray Wolf King had difficulty killing Xiao Yan within a short period of time. Hence, Xiao Yan was able to successfully escape the two fights that broke out with the Gray Wolf King during these four short days. Moreover, with Xiao Yan’s overwhelmingly strong Spiritual Strength, he was able to avoid the Gray Wolf King’s search. This had resulted in him having no choice but to order the other Magical Beasts within this mountain range to search for traces of Xiao Yan.

Of course, with the trump cards currently in Xiao Yan’s hand, he only needed to take out the Earth Demon Puppet in order to kill this Gray Wolf King. However, he did not do so. An opponent of this level was coincidentally what he needed most. The strength of Chen Yun and the three great Elders of the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion had far exceeded Xiao Yan. Hence, Xiao Yan required the use of other methods to fight with them. Now, however, he only needed to rely on his own strength to face the Gray Wolf King. Xiao Yan had been able to fight him and successfully flee. This was the best training for him. Hence, he would naturally not take out a killing move and kill it.

“I wonder if that fellow is jumping up and down after failing to find me during these past two or three days?” Xiao Yan gloatingly laughed. He turned around and appeared on the body of the Great Land Demon Bear. He took out a dagger and inserted it into the beast’s body. After which, he extracted a yellow Monster Core. A rank 6 Monster Core would likely be useful when he refined pills in the future.

Xiao Yan came to the side of the small stream, washed the Monster Core, and stored it into his Storage Ring. He looked at the somewhat miserable figure that appeared on the lake’s surface and involuntarily shook his head. This period of having camped outdoors made him look comparable to a savage-looking person.

“I am becoming more and more familiar with the Three Thousand Lightning Movement. However, I have yet to succeed in the formation of an avatar. This damn Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body is indeed not easy to master…” A jade-green flame flickered on Xiao Yan’s hand, vaporizing all the water on it, while Xiao Yan softly spoke with a frown.

“There is still around twenty days or so until the start of the Heaven Eye Mountain Range energy tide. According to my speed, I should be able to leave this mountain range after ten days or so. At that time, I will fly to the Heaven Eye Mountain Range. Whether I will be able to form an avatar during this remaining time will depend on my luck…”

Xiao Yan sighed. He stood up, and was just about to turn around and leave when he suddenly raised his eyebrows. He glanced toward the distant sky. A large group of black figures was rushing over from that direction. One could even vaguely smell a dense, fierce scent…

“They are quick to arrive this time around…”

Xiao Yan involuntarily smiled when he saw this. He stopped, crossed his arms over his chest, and smiled as he watched the gradually approaching black figure.

“Brat, leave the Starchless Fruit. Otherwise, I will cut the flesh from your body and eat it!” The black figure had yet to arrive when a furious roar was transmitted over. The roar caused the Magical Beasts within this section of the forest to shiver.

The black figure, gradually approaching, was an enormous flying Magical Beast. Its enormous wings were spread. It carried a loud whistling wind sound as it pressed down toward the forest below, causing the trees to bend. A middle-aged man, with a naked upper body covered in numerous wounds, stood proudly on the head of the Magical Beast. A pair of crimson eyes were viciously staring at Xiao Yan beside the small stream.

There were many Magical Beast of different sizes behind the large man. At a glance, all of them were quite strong. It seemed that this fellow had called upon all the subordinates he could summon this time around.

“You are a commander who has occupied a mountain and proclaimed yourself king. Why do you persistently chase after me because of a Starchless Fruit? Isn’t that unbefitting of you?” Xiao Yan looked at the large man with a naked upper body as he spoke. This fellow was the overlord of this mountain range, the Gray Wolf King. His strength was extremely high. He could rely on his own strength to transform into a human. This was not an easy matter. It should be known that the transformation of a Magical Beast was similar to the birth of a high tier medicinal pill and a lightning tribulation would descend. If one could endure it, one would successfully transform one’s body. If one failed to endure it, it was likely that one would be killed by the lightning…

Of course, if one possessed a Body Transforming Pill, one would be able to avoid this dangerous step. However, this Gray Wolf King was clearly unable to find that high tier medicinal pill. After all, a Body Transforming Pill was a tier 7 medicinal pill. It could be considered one of the rarest medicinal pills within the Magical Beast world. It was easier said than done to obtain it.

“F****** nonsense!”

The Gray Wolf King swore after hearing Xiao Yan’s words. He leaped down from the back of the flying beast and landed on the ground with a bang, appearing just like an enormous tower. That great force caused the small stream beside him to explode. Water droplets scattered in all directions.

“Hand it over to the old me. Otherwise, I will kill you today!”

The Gray Wolf King’s red eyes stared at Xiao Yan. Immediately, his feet stomped on the ground. Enormous cracks spread under his feet. His body also emitted a ‘swoosh’ sound as it rushed toward Xiao Yan. Sharp knife-like claws at his fingertips viciously pierced toward Xiao Yan’s throat. A couple of faint black scars were formed in the air where the claw passed.

Xiao Yan merely smiled when he saw this. His footsteps moved and he withdrew over a dozen steps as a reflex action. Three afterimages appeared as he easily dodged the attack of the Gray Wolf King. The training of the Three Thousand Lightning Movement had already been ingrained in his bones. Each time he dodged, he would activate the Three Thousand Lightning Movement to its limit.

“Little bastard, do you only know how to dodge?”

The Gray Wolf King furiously roared when his attack was dodged by Xiao Yan. This was what caused him to feel dismay. His strength was clearly far greater than Xiao Yan’s strength, but the other party was even more slippery than a loach. He was unable to even touch the other party’s body.

Xiao Yan smiled when he saw the Gray Wolf King acting crazily. He was just about to speak when his eyes suddenly congelated. Both of his eyes suddenly turned to an afterimage in front of him.

Two of the three afterimages he had left behind swiftly disappeared. However, this final one had maintained its stance. Xiao Yan could faintly sense a Spiritual Strength spreading from its body.

“Suc… success?”

Xiao Yan was stunned as he looked at this afterimage that had not disappeared. He was dumbfounded. He had not controlled anything himself earlier. Who would have imagined that he would actually… actually agglomerate an avatar in such a baffling manner?

Xiao Yan finally recovered from his astonishment after a moment. A wild joy surfaced in his eyes. His hand hurriedly beckoned, and the afterimage transformed into an invisible light spot before entering Xiao Yan’s brows. This was simply an avatar seed. However, this difficult creation step had been accomplished. Subsequently, if one were to temper and refine it, Xiao Yan’s Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body would be able to smoothly agglomerate in the future!

“Ha ha, thank you very much… on account of you lending me a hand, I shall allow you to continue being this mountain’s overlord in a secure manner.” Xiao Yan laughed loudly to the Gray Wolf King. He shook his shoulders and a pair of crystal bone wings swiftly spread.

The Gray Wolf King let out a furious roar immediately upon seeing Xiao Yan preparing to flee. He had just taken a step forward when his body suddenly stiffened. His eyes looked as though he had seen a ghost. He stared at the crystal bone wings on Xiao Yan’s back. A moment later, he screamed in horror, “Heaven Phoenix Demon Wings?”

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