Chapter 987: Bitter Training in the Forest

Chapter 987: Bitter Training in the Forest

A human figure, concealed under dense tree branches within a thick forest, revealed a pair of eyes that stared intently at the sky. His aura was completely hidden under a majestic Spiritual Strength.

Although Xiao Yan had escaped the area Fei Tian could sense him, he clearly knew just how frightening this old fellow’s speed was. Hence, he immediately changed directions after having left the scope of Fei Tian’s sensing abilities, and had swiftly entered the forest. After which, he borrowed Tian Huo zun-zhe’s strength and perfectly hid his aura.

It had been over ten minutes since Xiao Yan had concealed himself in this place. During this period of time, he had remained as still as a statue. His entire body was covered by lush green leaves. This, along with the concealment of his aura, would likely make it extremely difficult for Fei Tian to detect him despite his great strength.

Such a quiet wait continued for a couple of minutes when the distant sky suddenly rippled. Immediately, a ferocious-looking Fei Tian appeared. His dense gaze slowly swept over the forest below before letting out a furious roar. With a violent wave of his sleeve, a majestic Dou...

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