Chapter 986: Unravel

Chapter 986: Unravel

The space in the sky above a lush green mountain range fluctuated. Soon after, a silver-colored figure slowly appeared.

Fei Tian’s expression suddenly changed as his figure appeared. He discovered that the thread of spiritual feeling had been split into four. Moreover, each of them was flying in a different direction.

“Has he discovered it… this brat is actually willing to abandon such a treasure…”

The smile on Fei Tian’s face slowly turned gloomy. The reason he had been able to accurately tell Xiao Yan’s location earlier was because he was relying on the special imprint within those four scrolls. It was unexpected that this was also discovered by Xiao Yan. Moreover, they were abandoned in such a decisive fashion.

Fei Tian’s gaze was gloomy as he ltared off into the distance in front of him. He knew that Xiao Yan was fleeing that way. However, if he were to continue giving chase, it was likely that those four Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body would fall into the hands of others. Thus, there would be some other troubles. If he were to allow Xiao Yan to escape, however, he would have difficulty calming his anger. Moreover, he was also extremely interested in the...

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