Chapter 985: Chased With Killing Intent

Chapter 985: Chased With Killing Intent

A ray of light rushed outside Bone Transforming City in a lightning-like manner. In the blink of an eye, it charged into the mountain range that was outside of the city.

Xiao Yan activated his bone wings to their maximum strength, raising his speed to a frightening extent. His expression was a little gloomy as his figure rushed forward. Although he did not sense Fei Tian giving chase, he did not think that young-looking old fellow would give up so easily.

“Just how did this old fellow find me? I have been traveling through the deep mountains and old forests during this period of time. It is impossible for the people from the Wind Lightning Pavilion to discover me.”

Some doubt appeared in Xiao Yan’s heart as his figure flashed. The northern region of the Central Plains was so large. Regardless of how capable Fei Tian was, it was impossible for this person to find him in a sea of people without reason. Moreover, looking at his manner earlier, it was clear that this person was already aware of his position. Could he have been discovered by the spies from the Wind Lightning Pavilion when he had entered the city yesterday?...

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