Chapter 984: Tian Lei Zi

Chapter 984: Tian Lei Zi

Xiao Yan tidied up his room a little the morning of the next day. After which, he walked out of the room. He did not start his journey right away. Instead, he walked to the second floor of the inn, and randomly found a chair close to a window to sit in.

There were many people in the second story of the inn. It could be considered a place filled with all sorts of people. This place was usually where a great amount of news was passed around. Thus, one would usually find it extremely easy to learn some news here. Additionally, one would not end up stirring any attention from others. Xiao Yan asked for a pot of sake. While he poured it and took a sip, his ears were absorbing all of the conversations amid the noise.

It was just as he had expected. The current focus of the entire Bone Transforming City was on the Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool. The faces of quite a number of people turned red when mentioning it. A dense greed was present on their faces. It seemed that the allure of the Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool was really too great. However, how could such a treasure be encroached upon by these people? They were merely just whining in this place.

“It is rumored that the Wind Lightning Pavilion,...

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