Chapter 983: Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool

Chapter 983: Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool

Bone Transforming City, a city not smaller than Tian Bei City. However, it was quite far from Tian Bei City. It was barely outside of the Wind Lightning Pavilion’s influence.

This city was controlled by a faction called the Bone Transforming Gate. Although there were many other factions beneath it, all of them had difficulty contending with the Bone Transforming Gate. Moreover, this Bone Transforming Gate did things in a moderate manner. Although it would occupy a lion’s share, it would not swallow all the profits that existed. Hence, it had always been the overlord of the Bone Transforming City during these years. There was seldom any factions who would stand up and challenge them.

The chief of Bone Transforming Gate practiced a water affinity Qi Method and was a little unusual. Hidden force would unknowingly enter his opponent’s body before it would gently disperse. If one were to be struck by this force, one’s bone would even show signs of weakening. Hence, the Bone Transforming Gate was renowned even among the surrounding cities.

This city was also the first place Xiao Yan had stopped to rest after starting his crazy journey from Tian Bei City. During his journey, he went in the deep mountains...

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