Chapter 981: Killing Hong Tian Xiao

Chapter 981: Killing Hong Tian Xiao

Fiery-red Dou Qi appeared just like a fire as it emitted some heat and wrapped Hong Tian Xiao within it. His hand was holding a scimitar that was over ten feet long. It danced in a mighty manner as it carried a blade glow that contained a hot wind and whizzed out. They immediately hacked at the Earth Demon Puppet’s body.

“Clang! Clang!”

The scimitar violently hacked at the body of the Earth Demon Puppet. Under the full strength of Hong Tian Xiao, some scars appeared on the silver surface of the puppet’s body. However, no fresh blood flowed out. The Earth Demon Puppet appeared to be completely unaware of these wounds on its body as its powerful fist carried a low, deep sonic boom that smashed toward Hong Tian Xiao. This caused Hong Tian Xiao to appear a little miserable as he tried to dodge. After all, he was not immune to all sorts of pain like the Earth Demon Puppet.

The corner of Hong Tian Xiao’s eyes drifted toward the figure that was slowly stepping through the empty air. His originally ugly face had become much darker. With a furious cry, the large blade in front of him danced and formed a wild wind. Sharp blade glows emitted ‘shua shua’ sounds as they threw the Earth Demon Puppet’s fist aside.

“Fire Splitting Blade...

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