Chapter 980: Fire Lotus Might

Chapter 980: Fire Lotus Might

Bright glaring light energy appeared like a sun, which suddenly appeared in the sky. The intensity of the light had basically caused this weather, which had become a little dim because of the thunderclouds, to become extremely bright.

The strength of such a glow had far exceeded the fiery hot sun in the distant sky! Just what kind of intense glow was this? It was likely that no one in this world had seen such an intense light. A person’s eyes would likely only see a complete whiteness. This place seemed completely empty, causing everyone’s hearts to be startled…

The loud rumbling thunder appeared just like the roar of a thunder god that reverberated over the sky. However, the expected soul-stirring explosion did not appear. The spot where the three-colored lotus made contact with the enormous lightning fist had numerous spatial folds that were visible to the naked eye. The two extremely frightening energies were quietly eroding each other.

Along with the erosion of the two frightening energies, a half foot wide black hole slowly appeared. The space where the two energies collided could not endure the other’s presence and ended up forming some spatial cracks.

The spatial...

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