Chapter 98: Making Things Difficult

Chapter 98: Making Things Difficult

Xiao Yan slowly made his way towards the large tent. Xiao Yu was behind him, angrily glaring at his back, clenching her teeth. She had not expected that Xiao Yan would decline her offer and not give her any face.

As the group got closer to the large green tent, they found over ten people gathered in its shade. They were split up into a few small circles and talking. Based on their relaxed expressions, one would probably say they were all students from the same academy as Xue Ni, Jia Nan Academy.

Outside of the tent’s cool shade, over twenty young men and women were sitting on the ground under the hot sun. Although the heat caused them to perspire unceasingly, their expressions stayed timid. On first glance, it seemed that they were the new students who had just passed the entrance examination outside.

A couple of chattering females in the tent suddenly raised their heads and saw Xiao Yu with her group walking towards them. The students faces instantly brightened at the sight and they quickly rushed over with unceasing laughter to surround Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yan felt his head swell at the sudden assault of loud noises, he was not ready for the loud clamouring of adolescent girls. His gaze swept across these young and pretty female students. From their surprised expressions, Xiao Yan realized that Xiao Yu’s relationships in the academy seemed to be quite good.

“Aya! Please, all of you, can you be more reserved?” Xiao Yu helplessly said. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as she was forced to push away a couple of friends who were continuously throwing themselves on her.

“Yu Er, I haven’t seen you in two months and it seems you have become more shapely in my absence. Be honest, did you… ah?” A female with a beautiful face secretly swept her hand on Xiao Yu’s chest before resting it on her shoulder as she joked.

At the side, Xiao Yan helplessly sighed and gave Xiao Yu a strange look. Why was it that all these friends of hers were like female leechers?

“Get lost, you lewd girl. Don’t act so unrestrained toward me.” Blushing, Xiao Yu pushed off the girl from her chest. When she saw that there were other girls attempting to pounce on her, she quickly took a step back, pointed at Xiao Yan and group and hurriedly introduced them. Thankfully, this move successfully rid the girls of their teasing intentions.

“Hehe, what beautiful girls.” After the gazes swept across Xun Er and Xiao Mei, their great beauty caused these female students to sigh in surprise.

Their gazes gradually turned toward Xiao Yan. As for Xiao Ning, he was luckily overlooked by these females due to his sibling relationship with Xiao Yu.

Although Xiao Yan was younger than Xiao Yu by two to three years, his size could easily be compared to Xiao Yu’s after over a year of tough training. His face may have appeared a little young and delicate, but he carried a maturity that did not match his age. This visual contradiction caused the females to helplessly take another look.

“Hee hee, what a handsome young man. Yu Er, is he your cousin? Blood-related cousin? Be honest. Did you steal him for yourself.”

Regardless of how calm Xiao Yan was, upon hearing these ladies openly asking such a valiant question in front of the parties involved, the corner of his mouth could not help but twitch. The gaze that he used on Xiao Yu grew increasingly strange.

After hearing the teasing of these girls, Xiao Yu’s face showed both embarrassment and helplessness. She was about to explain when the corner of her eye caught a male figure striding over.

Xiao Yu’s face changed and frowned. Immediately, a flustered red appeared on her face as she flirtatiously said, “I don’t have any blood relation with him. Why don’t you stop making fun of him. He has been shy since he was young.”

“Uh…” Hearing those words, all the female students were stunned. Watching a flustered looking Xiao Yu that they have never seen before, they began exchanging looks with one another. Originally they had only intended to joke around; they did not expect that Xiao Yu would actually seriously come forth and explain. Moreover, the tone she used… it was like half attempting to lie.

Even Xun Er and those following Xiao Yu were also stunned by Xiao Yu’s intimate tone. They exchanged glances as they all saw each other’s eyes foggy. Since when had the relationship between Xiao Yu and Xiao Yan become so good?

TL: Eyes foggy = confused

Standing on one side, Xiao Yan coldly stared at Xiao Yu’s acting. He was about to expose her when Xiao Yu quickly extended her hands. One of them locked onto his hand while the other intimately swept off the dust from Xiao Yan’s clothes.

“Ah…” Seeing Xiao Yu’s sudden action, those surrounding her were all totally shocked. When had they ever witnessed Xiao Yu treat another man in such a manner?

“Xiao Yu, you… long time no see.” Just as everyone was in a daze, a male’s voice abruptly called out.

Hearing the voice, everyone tilted their heads. A young man in grey was standing at their backs, smiling widely at them. The young man was quite handsome, but that radiant smile appeared false to Xiao Yan and the others.

The flustered look on Xiao Yu face slowly receded. Turning around with her hand still holding Xiao Yan, she glanced at the young man and indifferently said, “Luo Bu, long time no see.”

“Ke ke.” Nodding his head and laughing, the young man called Luo Bu randomly looked at the interlocked hands. Instantly, a coldness and fury flashed across the gaze he sent to Xiao Yan.

“Ke ke, you must have brought over these few people, no?” Luo Bu asked with a smile as he stepped toward them.

“Yes.” Carelessly nodding her head Xiao Yu once again introduced Xiao Yan and the others. She said with a smile, “I have brought them here to take the test.”

“Oh, have you now?” Nodding his head with a smile, Luo Bu pulled out a fist sized red crystal ball. He waved it and said with a smile, “It so happens that Teacher Ruo Ling has just given me an examination crystal. Why don’t we let them try. The other examination crystals have all been brought to the examination gateway at the front. If you don’t use mine, you will have to wait for some time.”

Hearing this, Xiao Yu hesitated a little before nodding her head. She slanted her head and softly explained to Xiao Yan, “This examination crystal is very simple. As long as your strength has reached the a Dou Qi of the 8 Duan, it will light up. Once that happens, you will have passed the initial test.”

“Let me go.” Xiao Yan unruly stared at her and indifferently ordered.

“Uh.” Xiao Yu smilingly nodded her head and obediently released her hands. Seeing her obedient manner, the grip of the one called Luo Bo tightened on the crystal ball.

“Xun Er, why don’t all of you go first.” Rubbing his reddened wrist that Xiao Yu had grabbed, Xiao Yan told Xun Er with a smile.

Nodding with a smile, Xun Er, Xiao Mei and Xiao Ning took the lead and went forward. Soon after their palms touched the crystal ball, it lit up and they stepped back.

Seeing the three of them succeeding, Xiao Yan also went forward and carelessly touched the crystal ball, obtaining the same result.

“Rest assured that if they did not have the ability to pass the test, I would not have acted on my own and brought them in here.” Watching the success of the four people, Xiao Yu said indifferently.

“Ke ke. It is not that I don’t trust you but this is the rule.” Giving Xiao Yu an apologetic smile, Luo Bu kept the crystal ball. His finger pointed towards those outside, who were sitting under the sun. Facing Xiao Yan and group, he said with a smile, “Congratulations on passing the initial test. Now, please sit outside for half an hour.”

“Luo Bu, what is the meaning of this?” Hearing Luo Bu words, Xiao Yu frowned and asked with iciness.

“Xiao Yu, you are also a student here. You ought to know that this is a rule during recruitment. Ke ke, The new students these days are getting more and more impulsive. Wearing down their spirit during the recruitment would benefit their future life at the academy.” Luo Bu explained with a smile.

“Hmph. Luo Bu, I am not interested in whatever you tell the new students but you shall not impose these lousy rules on the people I have brought over.” Xiao Yu icily said.

“This is the rule.”

The corner of Lu Bu’s mouth twitched. Being publicly rebuked by Xiao Yu without consideration of his reputation had contributed to the anger and sourness within him.

“Luo Bu, you should stop creating trouble. You know very well that these are rules that can be done without so why do you want to make a big fuss out of it?” The surrounding girls frowned as they were also unable to bear how Luo Bu was trying to make a big fuss over nothing.

“Ke ke. I’m sorry. They had passed the test on my watch. Based on the rules, during this time period, I am in charge of them.” Luo Bu smiled radiantly. Seeing the furious Xiao Yu, he suddenly changed his words. “Alright. Because it’s you, not all of them will need to go out. Why don’t we let someone be a representative? Uh… let me see. We shall let...let this boy be the representative. Ke ke, he’s a man, so there’s no need for him to worry about turning darker under the sun.” After slowly moving his finger across the few new students, he finally smiled and stopped in front of Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan widened his eyes and indifferently watched the young man in front of him who was full of smiles.

“Get lost. Xiao Yan will also not leave. I will personally look for Teacher Ruo Ling to talk about this. There is no need for you to be here giving orders!” With a stride of her long sexy legs, Xiao Yu stood in front of Xiao Yan and coldly said.

“Oh ah, Luo Bu Da-ge, it seems that you are having some problems.” Just as they were in a constant entanglement, a group of laughing men appeared from the shadow of the tent.

TL: Da-ge - means big brother

“It’s nothing other than this new student being unwilling to be under the sun.” Luo Bo secured his crystal ball as he said offhandedly.

“Heh, it has been a long time since I’ve seen such an arrogant new student. Luo Bu Da-ge, do you need our help?” Hearing this, a young man with one golden star on his chest quietly smiled at Luo Bu. His smile was filled with an attempt to curry favor.

Smiling and nodding his head, Luo Bu faced the gloomy faced Xiao Yu and mused. Suddenly, he smiled and said, “Why don’t we do this. It is alright not to go out, but there are many new students out there watching. If only these few students are exempted from being under the sun, the others may not be happy about it.”

As he spoke, Luo Bu patted the shoulders of the young man beside him and smiled at Xiao Yan. “Since you do not wish to go out, why don’t you spar with Ge La here. Of course, you need not defeat him. All you need is to endure for twenty rounds under him.”

Hearing this, the ladies by Xiao Yu’s side immediately angrily scolded Luo Bu. After seeing the situation, they had finally understood that this guy was jealous of Xiao Yan and was trying to abuse his authority to punish Xiao Yan for a personal grudge.

Compared to the angry cries of those around her, Xiao Yu had strangely become quiet. Tilting her head and watching Xiao Yan, she clearly understood that Xiao Yan’s current strength was not weaker than hers. Dealing with a one star Dou Zhe was not something difficult.

Ignoring Xiao Yu’s gaze, Xiao Yan indifferently stared at the radiantly smiling Luo Bu. A coldness filled his black eyes. Originally, he had not wanted to be meddlesome but this guy just had to force his hand.

“Heh heh, come. Little boy, let me teach you how to respect your seniors. Otherwise, when you suffer at the academy in the future, you would blame us.” The young man called Ge La stepped forward and smiled at Xiao Yan with ill intentions.

Gradually letting his breath out, Xiao Yan simply shrugged his shoulders in front of everyone’s gaze. He took two steps forward. When he was by Xiao Yu’s side, he abruptly extended his arm and ruthlessly grabbed her soft narrow waist and pulled her into an embrace.

Faced with Xiao Yan’s sudden surprise attack, Xiao Yu was momentarily stunned before her entire face flamed. Considering that Luo Bu was nearby, she could only cease her struggle and clench her teeth as she repeatedly cursed this guy who publicly took advantage of her.

Xiao Yan’s action caused all the females around them to be totally stunned. It also caused Luo Bu’s face to immediately become dark. He slanted his head and coldly told Ge La, “Be more ruthless when you attack.”

Hearing this, Ge La smiled sinisterly and nodded,

At the side, Xun Er and the two others could only helplessly shake their head at the strange action.

“This is interesting.” Xiao Yan coldly whispered as his hand caressed Xiao Yu’s waist twice more, seemingly reluctant to leave.

After saying that, Xiao Yan released his hand without another glance at Xiao Yu’s beet-red face. He stretched his neck while holding a smile at the edge of his mouth and slowly walked toward Ge La who was staring at him sinisterly.

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