Chapter 979: Thunder God’s Fury

Chapter 979: Thunder God’s Fury

Thunderbolts came pouring down from all around one after another. The silver-colored lightning seemed to be swimming around like small white-colored snakes. All of them repeatedly emitted glaring glows. These lightning bolts contained an enormous amount of strength that existed in a fashion visible to the naked eye. The world could easily break amid the flashing lightning and thunderous roars.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. The thunder came without stopping. A moment later, Xiao Yan slowly raised his head and looked at the thick, dark clouds, which had almost been dyed silver. An extremely frightening energy was gathered inside it. It appeared that this Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion had really taken out a great capital in order to capture him. They had even used such a great formation.

“Using the Han clan as hostages and forcing you out is indeed something that is not the style of our Wind Lightning Pavilion. The matter today might end up causing us to be criticized. Hence, it will also be the last time. However, we must capture you. We will not allow the Three Thousand Lightning Movement to be used by an outsider!”

“Regardless of who wins today, the Han...

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