Chapter 979: Thunder God’s Fury

Chapter 979: Thunder God’s Fury

Thunderbolts came pouring down from all around one after another. The silver-colored lightning seemed to be swimming around like small white-colored snakes. All of them repeatedly emitted glaring glows. These lightning bolts contained an enormous amount of strength that existed in a fashion visible to the naked eye. The world could easily break amid the flashing lightning and thunderous roars.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. The thunder came without stopping. A moment later, Xiao Yan slowly raised his head and looked at the thick, dark clouds, which had almost been dyed silver. An extremely frightening energy was gathered inside it. It appeared that this Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion had really taken out a great capital in order to capture him. They had even used such a great formation.

“Using the Han clan as hostages and forcing you out is indeed something that is not the style of our Wind Lightning Pavilion. The matter today might end up causing us to be criticized. Hence, it will also be the last time. However, we must capture you. We will not allow the Three Thousand Lightning Movement to be used by an outsider!”

“Regardless of who wins today, the Han clan is no longer related to this matter.”

The old man with long eyebrows stared intently at Xiao Yan. His voice was just like rumbling thunder as it was emitted from the thunderbolt curtain, reverberating all over Tian Bei City. They had also suffered a lot of pressure while holding the Han clan under house arrest during these few days. By saying these words now, they accounted to the people from Tian Bei City and the Han clan. Of course, his most important aim was to restore a little of the negative image that had been formed during these few days. After all, the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion was merely one of the Wind Lightning Pavilions. If they ended up ruining the reputation of the Wind Lightning Pavilion as a result of this, they would also not be able to escape the responsibility of doing so.

Xiao Yan calmly watched the three old men. One could not see any emotion in his silvery eyes as he said, “Just attack. I, Xiao Yan, will definitely not do something as foolish as surrendering and allowing myself to be captured. If you wish to capture me, you will need to show some genuine ability.”

Xiao Yan pointed his finger at the three Elders upon saying these words. The Earth Demon Puppet beside him also emitted a glow in its empty-hole-like eyes. Its feet stomped on the empty air as it transformed into a silver-colored figure that rushed forward.

“Hee hee, Xiao yan, your opponent is Elder Lei and the others. Allow the old me to deal with this puppet.” The Earth Demon Puppet had just rushed out when a crack line suddenly appeared in the thunderbolt curtain. Hong Tian Xiao rushed in while laughing loudly. He immediately blocked the Earth Demon Puppet.

“Kill him!” Xiao Yan’s silver-colored eyes swept over Hong Tian Xiao in an indifferent manner as he softly uttered.

The body of the Earth Demon Puppet suddenly emitted a silver glow when these words left Xiao Yan’s mouth. Its palm wind also became extremely sharp. Each punch carried a deep sonic boom as they violently smashed toward Hong Tian Xiao.

Seeing that the Earth Demon Puppet had suddenly shown its might, Hong Tian Xiao did not dare to underestimate it even a little. He clearly knew that the strength of this puppet was extremely frightening. If he was careless, it was not impossible for him to be killed by it. However, it was fortunate that his task was merely to hold it back and not to defeat it.

Majestic fiery-red Dou Qi surged out of Hong Tian Xiao’s body. He drew two ten-foot-long scimitars that violently danced. Finally, they collided with the Earth Demon Puppet. An intense big battle immediately erupted.

The lightning glow flickering on the long-eyebrowed, old man’s body became increasingly dense upon seeing Hong Tian Xiao successfully block the Earth Demon Puppet. He stared at Xiao Yan as he said in a deep voice, “This Nine Heavenly Lightning Prison Formation is a great formation of my Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion. It is formed by twenty-three expert Dou Huangs and forty-six expert Dou Wangs. Moreover, the three of us will act as the center of the formation. If you are able to breakthrough it today, your name Xiao Yan will be able to shake the entire northern region of the Central Plains.”

Xiao Yan’s expression did not change because of these words. He slowly raised his hand and rotated it slightly. An enormous spiritual swirling cannonball was formed. Immediately, it emitted a ‘bang’ and shot out explosively. A distorted path also appeared in the empty space along the way.

Faced with Xiao Yan’s attack, the long-eyebrowed Elder did not dare to slight it. The seal on his hand changed and the thunder clouds churned in the sky. Immediately, a loud noise sounded and a ten-foot-large thunderbolt landed with a bang, appearing like a furious dragon. It ruthlessly smashed the swirling spiritual cannonball.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The two fierce attacks were slowly annihilated. A powerful energy wave spread in a swift and ferocious manner. However, it ended up scattering when it reached a distance of a hundred feet around both Xiao Yan and the long-eyebrowed Elder.

Xiao Yan’s gaze slowly swept over the three Elders. There was a lightning light pillar on their heads that shot into the thunder clouds. Among the three of them, only the long-eyebrowed Elder directed the attacks. The remaining two seemed to be pouring all the Dou Qi within their bodies into this thunder clouds.

“This great formation is indeed somewhat profound…”

“Heaven Lightning Skill!”

The face of the long-eyebrowed Elder was cold and stern while the seals on his hands swiftly changed. The lightning clouds randomly churned in the sky. An instant later, his finger suddenly pointed at Xiao Yan.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

The thunder clouds churned as a countless number of enormous serpent-like thunderbolts shot out of it. Finally, they struck at Xiao Yan from all directions. There mighty aura caused one’s heart to feel afraid.

Xiao Yan’s feet gently stomped down as a Jade-green flame surged from his body. It immediately permeated the space hundreds of feet around him. The flame fiercely rose and agglomerated into an enormous fire wolf that howled at the sky. It widened its enormous mouth and a suction force surged out. The thunderbolts that shot over were swallowed by it.

After the thunderbolt was completely swallowed by the fire wolf, wave after wave of muffled thunder began to be emitted from the enormous body of the fire wolf. Its body had also become a little paler. However, it ultimately refined those thunderbolts.


Xiao Yan flicked his finger. A fierce expression immediately surged into the eyes of the fire wolf as it opened its stride and leaped into the sky, charging toward the long-eyebrowed Elder and the others as it did so.

Before the fire wolf arrived, its high temperature caused the expressions of the three Elders to change. Their faces were solemn as they exclaimed, “Heavenly Flame?”

“Heaven Lightning Slash!”

A stern cry sounded and a bright-silver glow suddenly flashed across the sky. Immediately, the charging fire wolf paused. A moment later, it slowly split apart, gradually turning illusionary amid a ‘chi la’ sound.

During these short ten plus minutes, the attacks of both parties were extremely dangerous despite their seemingly calm nature. Regardless of whether it was an attack by lightning or fire, as long as someone was struck by any one of them, it was likely that they would not end up well. Such an intense battle was one that even an ordinary Dou Zong would be afraid of joining.

“Xiao Yan, don’t drag things out with them. They have the support of the great formation and will be able to continuously use lightning attacks. My Spiritual Strength cannot remain for too long in your body. Therefore, you should hurry up and settle this!”

Tian Huo zun-zhe’s reminder suddenly sounded within Xiao Yan’s heart.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly upon hearing this. He inhaled a deep breath of air and his finger gently pressed on the fire seal on his head. It formed a hook and a dense-white-colored flame swiftly came out from it.

Xiao Yan grabbed the Bone Chilling Flame the moment it appeared. The jade-green flame split apart, transforming into the Fallen Heart Flame and the Green Lotus Core Flame.

Three types of ‘Heavenly Flames’ were suspended in front of Xiao Yan. Finally, the three kinds of flames suddenly started to merge when his hand was clenched. Immediately, a frighteningly wild and violent force spread out.

“Three types of ‘Heavenly Flame?’ How is this possible?”

The three Elders, who had not shown emotional fluctuations earlier, changed their expressions when they saw the three types of ‘Heavenly Flames’ in front of Xiao Yan. All of them involuntarily let out a cry of disbelief.

The expression of the long-eyebrowed, old man also became much gloomier after his startled cry sounded. His gaze was exchanged with the other two. They grit their teeth and the seal on their hands began to change.

Following the rapid change in their hand seals, the lightning pillar that was emitted from their heads became stronger. After receiving such a great amount of lightning Dou Qi, the lightning cloud in the sky appeared like a creeping ancient fierce beast. It emitted waves of low and deep rumbling sounds that caused one’s head to feel numb. A similarly wild and violent energy was swiftly formed at the same time.

When the wild and violent energy was formed, the faces of the three Elders gradually became pale.

Three types of ‘Heavenly Flames’ were merging in Xiao Yan’s hand. While they were merging, threads of destructive strength quietly seeped out. This caused the spatial strength around Xiao Yan to form some thread-like dark-black cracks.

Cracks had suddenly appeared in the air at this moment!

With this current condition of Xiao Yan, it was not difficult for him to merge the three types of ‘Heavenly Flames.’ Hence, a basin-sized three-colored fire lotus slowly appeared on his palm a short couple of minutes later.

The three-colored fire lotus rotated slowly. Each time it did so, some dark-black lines appeared in the surrounding space.

“Xiao Yan, throw this good thing toward that thundercloud. That is the center of the formation. As long as that place is broken, these three Elders will be seriously injured. Even those people forming the formation outside will suffer a backlash.” Tian Huo zun-zhe’s voice sounded within Xiao Yan’s heart the moment the fire lotus was formed.

Xiao Yan’s hand moved upon hearing this. The three-colored fire lotus in his hand rotated and flew out. Its target was the churning thunder cloud in the sky.

The expressions of the long-eyebrowed Elder and the two others changed again when they saw what Xiao Yan did. They immediately bit their tongues. Three mouthfuls of essence blood were spat out as they cried out furiously, “Nine Heavenly Lightning Prison, Thunder God’s Fury!”

“Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!”

After the cry of the three people sounded, a soul-stirring explosion was immediately emitted from the thundercloud. The churning speed also came to a slow stop. Immediately, bright-silver glows shot out and an enormous lightning fist, a couple of hundred feet in size, broke through the thundercloud. It then came crushing down.

Sharp sonic booms from all over the sky basically appeared one after another as the fist appeared. Continuous crackling sounds appeared as well. Even the street on the ground had suddenly cracked apart, revealing an enormous fist imprint.

The enormous lightning fist carried a frightening strength as it came smashing down. That momentum was basically one that aimed to completely destroy everything in front of it.

However, a three-colored light was advancing under the cover of the frightening fist without facing any resistance. Although its size was small, the destructive strength that seeped out of it brought forth spatial crack lines while it progressed.

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