Chapter 978: Nine Heavenly Lightning Prison Formation

Chapter 978: Nine Heavenly Lightning Prison Formation

The ray of light broke through the air and arrived, appearing much like a falling star swiftly crossing the sky. Within the blink of an eye, it appeared in the sky above Tian Bei City and transformed into a somewhat skinny figure.


Tian Bei City had gradually become much dimmer and more solemn when the figure appeared. The majestic storm under the dark clouds had transformed the place into a world of water.

The storm came pouring down and landed on the buildings, emitting a clear sound as it did so. In an instant, the entire city emitted a continuous ticking sound. Although the rain had come quite suddenly, hardly anyone entered the buildings. Numerous human figures were under the storm as their somewhat heated gazes stared at the figure in the sky. Many people did not expect this young man, called Xiao Yan, to reveal himself despite clearly knowing that Tian Bei City was already an extremely dangerous place…

At this moment, quite a number of those who raised their heads felt a little respect. There was no need to talk about anything else. Just the courage of this fellow was sufficient to cause them to raise their thumbs.


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