Chapter 976: Nine Star Dou Huang

Chapter 976: Nine Star Dou Huang

Clouds lingered over the mountain peak as space rippled. Wave after wave of mottled energy swiftly appeared. It surged into the body of the young man seated on the edge of the mountain peak from all directions. Faced with this endless pouring in of energy, Xiao Yan’s body also appeared like a bottomless pit. It did not show any sign of being filled regardless of how the energy poured into him.

Xiao Yan had already maintained this state for three days ever since he had consumed the Mighty Huang Pill. His body was just like an unmoving rock during these three days. Only the repeatedly rotating energy swirl above his head on the mountain peak emitted a soft howling sound.

The enormous medicinal strength of the Mighty Huang Pill within Xiao Yan’s body had already transformed into surging Dou Qi that flowed like floodwater within Xiao Yan’s veins. Moreover, there was an unceasing amount of natural energy surging in from nature. It was refined by the ‘Heavenly Flame,’ transforming into pure Dou Qi that merged into this large cluster of energy.

Although there was a large quantity of natural energy, the remaining pure Dou Qi, that Xiao Yan absorbed, was of a small quantity after numerous refinements....

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