Chapter 975: Qingfeng Mountains

Chapter 975: Qingfeng Mountains

Enormous trees rose into the sky within a lush green mountain range. These large trees, that had grown for hundreds or thousands of years, were usually able to grow to a height of a couple hundred meters tall. They were the largest living beings in the mountain range. Even sunlight was blocked by their huge leaves. Hardly anyone was present in this place. Occasionally, the roar of a Magical Beast would appear, frightening off the many birds resting in the forest. The panicked fluttering of wings would form a white figure that spread over the sky, appearing majestic.

There was a tall mountain peak that jutted into the sky within the vast mountain range. The mountain peak was not very large, but it was extremely steep. Its walls were nearly vertical, and its precipitous mountain peak was extremely smooth. Unless it could fly, an ordinary Magical Beast would have difficulty ascending it.

Clouds lingered over the peak of the mountain while a young man sat cross-legged on it. A silver-colored human figure was sitting straight beside the young man. The figure’s body did not move even a little while it's empty-hole-like...

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