Chapter 973: Killing Chen Yun

Chapter 973: Killing Chen Yun

The majestic aura rippled around Xiao Yan’s body while the entire mountain range trembled under this frightening aura. Occasionally, a trembling whimper-like roar sounded softly within the mountain forest. The roar contained a terrified feeling within it.

With the powerful Spiritual Strength within Xiao Yan’s body, his toes slowly left the treetop. He was suspended in the empty air in the sky. Perhaps it was because of his body being filled with too much Spiritual Strength, but a silver-white color gradually surfaced in his eyes. This silver-white color became denser until his eyes basically radiated this color. Looking from a distance, his original black eyes had transformed into a pair of silver-white eyes that appeared extremely cold.

The rising aura continued for a moment before it came to a slow stop. Xiao Yan lowered his head slightly and looked at Chen Yun. whose expression had drastically changed. He slowly asked, “Aren’t you planning on crippling my ten fingers?”

The voice was not loud, but it possessed a pressure that seemed to unroll from his spirit, causing Chen Yun’s spirit to tremble as a result.

“What has this brat done? Why is it that he has suddenly become...

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