Chapter 972: Monstrous Aura

Chapter 972: Monstrous Aura

Over a dozen figures were suspended in the azure sky. They were all scattered and their gazes were carefully scanning the mountain range below. These were all people who had come chasing after Xiao Yan. Each of them carried an incomparable anger and killing intent. However, they were unaware of just what Xiao Yan was thinking at this moment.

“Chen Yun, didn’t you say that that brat had been struck by your Blood Lightning Seal? You should be able to detect his exact spot. Where is he?” A red-clothed, yellow-faced, old man finally turned his head furiously demanded information from the gray-clothed, old man beside him after failing to find any traces despite having searched for awhile.

Chen Yun’s expression was a little gloomy at this moment. He had sensed that his connection with the Blood Lightning Seal was weakening on his way here, especially when he had just entered the area around the mountain range. That connection had been completely broken at that moment. Hence, he could only rely on the route transmitted by the slight connection earlier to search. However, it was a futile effort despite...

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