Chapter 970: Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body

Chapter 970: Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body

A ray of light suddenly blazed across the completely cloudless azure sky in an extremely quick manner. The figure’s eyes swept the distant sky before taking a glance behind him. Only then did the figure slow and mutter, “By unleashing the bone wing’s ability to its limit, it is likely that even Hong Tian Xiao would be unable to catch up. Moreover, Chen Yun has been injured by both the Earth Demon Puppet and me. At the very least, he will not be able to give chase within a short period of time. Thus, he need not be overly afraid. As long as that old fellow chased him alone, he would let him try the strength of the Earth Demon Puppet!”

Xiao Yan’s figure once again slowed as this thought flashed through his heart. He turned his body and looked in the distant direction of Tian Bei City. However, not a single figure appeared even after a while. Immediately, he shook his head. This old fellow was indeed cautious. He was able to maintain his rational disposition despite being so furious. It seemed that this old fellow did indeed possess great combat experience.

“Since he is not giving chase now, it is likely that he is waiting for Chen Yun to recover. That fellow is someone...

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