Chapter 968: Decisive Killing

Chapter 968: Decisive Killing


A soul-stirring loud sound blasted the stage. Along with it, an enormous jade-green wave of fire carried great momentum as it wildly surged out from the point where it had exploded in a flood-like manner while emitting a loud bang!

At this moment, the entire Sky Stone Stage had begun to intensely tremble. Numerous arm-thick cracks spread out unceasingly from the points where the fire wave reached. The speed at which the fire wave spread was extremely quick. Within a couple of breaths, it caught up with the experts from the Hong clan who had just surrounded Xiao Yan earlier. The fire wave churned and swallowed all of them like a gigantic fierce beast!

Chi Chi!

Blood spluttering sounds were emitted from within the fire wave. Immediately, over a dozen figures seemed to have suffered a heavy blow as they flew backwards. Their bodies rubbed on the ground, forming hundred-meter-long bloody scars that startled one’s heart.

The spreading fire wave seemed to have wrapped around over half of the Sky Stone Stage. A countless number of people rubbed the perspiration, that had appeared because of the high temperature, off their foreheads with trembling hands. Their lips shivered as they looked...

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