Chapter 968: Decisive Killing

Chapter 968: Decisive Killing


A soul-stirring loud sound blasted the stage. Along with it, an enormous jade-green wave of fire carried great momentum as it wildly surged out from the point where it had exploded in a flood-like manner while emitting a loud bang!

At this moment, the entire Sky Stone Stage had begun to intensely tremble. Numerous arm-thick cracks spread out unceasingly from the points where the fire wave reached. The speed at which the fire wave spread was extremely quick. Within a couple of breaths, it caught up with the experts from the Hong clan who had just surrounded Xiao Yan earlier. The fire wave churned and swallowed all of them like a gigantic fierce beast!

Chi Chi!

Blood spluttering sounds were emitted from within the fire wave. Immediately, over a dozen figures seemed to have suffered a heavy blow as they flew backwards. Their bodies rubbed on the ground, forming hundred-meter-long bloody scars that startled one’s heart.

The spreading fire wave seemed to have wrapped around over half of the Sky Stone Stage. A countless number of people rubbed the perspiration, that had appeared because of the high temperature, off their foreheads with trembling hands. Their lips shivered as they looked at the fire wave that swept over before quietly disappearing. A shocked expression filled their eyes. Under that destructive strength, they had sensed a kind of terror that was spreading deep within their souls…

That was the terror of death. Under the explosion of the fire lotus, they had sensed a thread of the aura of death.

It was fortunate that the fire wave ultimately did not spread into the audience seats. However, the high temperature that was emitted still caused some people in the front row to feel their bodies become boiling hot. Some of their clothes even let out a ‘chi’ noise and self-ignited, shocking them until they repeatedly screamed in panic.

The spreading fire wave continued for nearly a minute before coming to a slow stop. Dense dust covered half of the Sky Stone Stage, causing one to have difficulty seeing what exactly had happened.

A breeze suddenly blew over while the dust permeated the place. It carried the heavy dust as it flew toward the sky before drifting to a distant place.

Following the scattering of the dust, the interior of the Sky Stone Stage finally appeared in front of everyone eyes. However, their eyes solidified and became dull when they looked over…

All they could see was a pit, hundreds of feet in diameter, appearing in the enormous arena below. There were numerous vein-like lines outside of the pit. They crossed each other and occupied half of the Sky Stone Stage.

Numerous gazes stared at the enormous pit in a dull manner. Momentarily, the entire Sky Stone Stage had descended into silent disbelief. Such frightening destruction had been created by a young Dou Huang…

As residents of Tian Bei City, the people seated in this place had a decent understanding of the hardness of the Sky Stone Stage. It was reported that this enormous stone arena could endure an attack by an elite Dou Zong. However, from the looks of the scene that appeared in front of them, either that was a false rumor or the attack earlier had already exceeded the attack of an ordinary elite Dou Zong.

Those people who had experienced the frightening scene earlier were more inclined to the second possibility. Although the thought of a Dou Huang attempting to display an attack comparable with that of an elite Dou Zong might appear incredulous, the enormous pit in front of them told them that this was indeed the truth.

Han Chi’s group had slightly widened their mouths. It was a long while later before they recovered. They inhaled a deep breath and suppressed the churning of their hearts. Their gazes swept across the surroundings of the enormous pit. Over half of the dozen experts from the Hong clan earlier were lying not far away with charred black bodies. Some of those stronger and luckier ones still had some breath left. However, they were clearly in a seriously wounded situation.

“This time around, the Hong clan… can be considered to have suffered a great loss…”

Han Chi heart laughed in a cold gloating manner as he looked at the charred black fellows. Quite a number of those dozen plus experts from the Hong clan, who had surrounded and attacked Xiao Yan earlier were Dou Huang class experts. This kind of strength might not be considered a peak existence in the Hong clan, but they were definitely the Hong clan’s backbone. Even the Hong clan would have difficulty withstanding losing so many of them in one go.

“Where is Xiao Yan?”

Han Xue by the side anxiously asked while Han Chi was gloating in his heart.

“In the sky.” Han Yue’s pretty eyes looked at the sky as she softly informed everyone.

Everyone gazes hurriedly shifted up when they heard this. They saw a human figure standing in the empty sky. A pair of ten-foot-long crystal bone wings were slowly flapping behind him. There was a slight Wind Lightning Sound when they flapped, appearing extremely gorgeous.

Under the focus of the gazes of those present, Xiao Yan in the sky flapped his bone wings and slowly landed at the edge of the pit. He looked at those experts from the Hong clan, who were struggling to climb up, with an expressionless face. He clenched his hand and the heavy ruler flashed and appeared. He strode forward and appeared beside a wounded expert Dou Huang from the Hong clan. Without saying anything, his ruler was swung as though he was hitting a ball.


The heavy ruler slammed into the body of the Dou Huang, and he immediately flew backwards. The clear sounds of bones breaking reverberated over the entire arena, causing many people to feel a chill in their hearts. They knew that with this swing of Xiao Yan’s ruler, it was likely that the person would end up a cripple even if he recovered unless the Hong clan could take out a high tier medicinal pill to repair his bones.

Xiao Yan did not stop after crippling an expert from the Hong clan with his ruler. He turned his body while maintaining a cold and indifferent face before walking toward another expert from the Hong clan who had managed to survive the fire lotus explosion.

The eyes of this expert immediately revealed horror upon seeing Xiao Yan. He had just took out his weapon from his Storage Ring when a human figure flashed in front of him. The heavy ruler was swung and a ‘chi’ sound appeared. That person shot back like a rubber ball before landing on the ground a hundred meters away. No one knew if he was dead or alive.

The coldness on Xiao Yan’s face became denser after having finished off another. He turned around and walked to the next injured expert from the Hong clan.

The entire place was silent as they watched Xiao Yan walked to the people from the Hong clan, sending person after person flying with the swing of a ruler without the slightest hesitation. A chill that was difficult to contain surged from their hearts as they watched the cold and indifferent face of Xiao Yan. This fellow might appear young, but his tactics were quite vicious. From the looks of his manner, it was clear that he wanted to truly cripple the Hong clan!

Han Chi’s heart also pounded violently each time Xiao Yan’s ruler was swung. Although he was shocked by Xiao Yan’s vicious actions, it must be said that his actions were truly decisive!

After the matter today, Xiao Yan already knew that the Hong clan and him would definitely be in a situation where neither would rest until the other die. Since this was the case, he would naturally not leave the Hong clan with any strength to seek revenge on him. Xiao Yan would not slow the slightest mercy against his enemies. Only by truly hitting the Han clan at its core would he be able to cut off the need to worry about them in the future.

No one could be blamed for this matter. If one were really wanted to find someone to blame, then the Hong clan should be blamed for possessing killing intent toward him…


The heavy ruler was once again violently swung at the last expert from the Hong clan. Xiao Yan did not care whether this person was dead or alive. He slowly turned his head and his gaze landed on a human figure a short distance away, who was struggling to stand up. That person was Hong Li.

At this moment, Hong Li’s clothes were tattered. A vest that emitted a glow was faintly revealed under his clothes. Clearly, it was not an ordinary item. He had been able to survive the Angry Buddha Lotus Flame because of the protection of this inner vest.

A pair of vicious blood-red eyes were revealed under his scattered hair. Earlier, he had personally witnessed Xiao Yan sending all of the experts from the Hong clan, who had come, flying like rubber balls. From the looks of the heavy ruler’s strength, it was likely that very few people would survive. This time around, the Hong clan had really suffered heavy losses!

“Xiao Yan, since you dare to kill the members of our Hong clan, our Hong clan will not rest until you die!”

Hong Li’s finger quivered as it was pointed toward Xiao Yan while he viciously promised.

“Isn’t that already the case?”

Xiao Yan smiled. His smile was filled with a coldness. He was just about to move to kill this Hong Li, when a low, deep muffled sound was suddenly transmitted from the other corner of the Sky Stone Stage.

Xiao Yan’s gaze followed the noise and looked over. The cold smile on his face grew even denser. He saw Chen Yun being struck until blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth after another collision with the Earth Demon Puppet. Although the Earth Demon Puppet did not know any Dou Techniques, just the attacks that its physical body could unleash were not much weaker than Dou Techniques.

If things continued in this manner, it was only a matter of time before Chen Yun perished to the hands of the Earth Demon Puppet. After all, the Earth Demon Puppet did not possess any impatience or negative emotions. Since Xiao Yan had given it the order to kill the person in front of it, it would swing its fist and smash them at that person even if it was about to die.

“These useless people from the Hong clan!”

Chen Yun’s face had become unusually gloomy after suffering some injuries in the fight. The corner of his eyes swiftly glanced at Xiao Yan, and he cursed in his heart. He roared out furiously, “Hong Li, why aren’t you calling Hong Tian Xiao? Does your Hong clan intend to be destroyed by him today?”

Hong Li was startled after hearing Chen Yun’s furious roar. His gaze viciously landed on Xiao Yan as he spoke in a dense manner, “Little bastard, you can forget about leaving in one piece now that you have killed the people from my Hong clan!”

Hong Li swiftly took out a blood-colored jade piece from his Storage Ring and violently shattered it the moment he uttered those words.

The jade piece had just been shattered when a human figure suddenly appeared in front of him. Hong Li hurriedly raised his head and saw a sinister face. He hurriedly retreated in his shock.


The heavy ruler was waved, and it immediately carried a ear-piercing sonic boom as it violently slammed into Hong Li’s body. He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. His body flew into the enormous pit like a meteorite. Finally, it smashed against a large rock. Rock fragments flew in all directions. Hong Li shook a couple of times before his body gradually became stiff.

“Xiao Yan, leave quickly. Hong Li has already sent a message to the ancestor of the Hong clan. He will arrive soon! That old fellow’s strength is a little stronger than even Chen Yun’s!” An anxious voice was quietly transmitted into Xiao Yan’s ear after he sent Hong Li flying with his ruler. Xiao Yan identified it as Han Chi’s voice.

Xiao Yan’s fist tightened. He inhaled a deep breath and cupped his hands toward the Han clan. The bone wings on his back were flapped as he swiftly launched into the sky. However, just as he was about to grab the Earth Demon Puppet, a majestic aura, that was filled with a furious killing intent, was suddenly transmitted from a corner of Tian Bei City. Immediately, a wrathful roar resounded in the sky above Tian Bei City.

“For daring to kill the members of my Hong clan, the old me will tear your corpse into tens of thousands of pieces and turn your bones into ashes today regardless of who you are!”

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