Chapter 967: Encirclement By the Hong Clan

Chapter 967: Encirclement By the Hong Clan

Killing intent also flashed across Xiao Yan’s expressionless face as he looked at Hong Li striding over with a savage smile. These people from the Hong clan were indeed hateful…

“Hong Li, aren’t you ashamed of attacking someone from the younger generation with your status?” Han Chi looked at the pale-faced Han Xue by the side before involuntarily crying out with a furious voice.

Hong Li momentarily paused. He glanced at Han Chi and coldly laughed, “What younger generation? His strength is comparable to even those of our generation. Han Chi, if your Han clan wishes to intervene, you can step forward as long as you aren’t afraid of the Wind Lightning Pavilion making you repay after that. Hee hee…”

Han Chi’s face turned green upon hearing the threat within Hong Li’s words. However, he really did not dare intervene. The words that Chen Yun had mentioned earlier had completely suppressed the Han clan.

The Wind Lightning Pavilion was a great being that the Han clan could not fight against.

Hong Li once again gloatingly laughed when he saw that Han Chi did not dare to make any unusual movements. He clenched his hand and...

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